Because great local food shouldn't be boring

We've reinvented the checkin. Now, whenever you're at a great eatery, your checkin gets you way more than just kudos and the chance to boast to your friends: it gets you on the road to earning rewards.

Every month, we'll be allocating rewards to people that have shown their support for these eateries. You go into the running by checking in, introducing friends to the We Eat Local app, reviewing and rating places, adding photos to your checkins - that sort of stuff.

On the first day of the month, you'll receive notification of any rewards you've earned, and you have the whole month to redeem them.

You're taking photos with your phone anyway - now you can use them to get anything from a free coffee to a cooking workshop.

All the details are in the app. Pop it on your phone and get started!

Young couple eating local food in Melbourne